Akros–the Greek word for “edge”–embodies our commitment to bringing leading edge innovations to green power and energy management ICs.

Akros Silicon is a provider of leading edge power management ICs that offer superior efficiency performance and advanced features to facilitate remote and intelligent network-based energy management. Our solutions help manufacturers of electronic equipment create more efficient and advanced products at reduced costs, while enabling end users the ability to reduce energy usage.

Akros’ breakthrough and proprietary GreenEdge(TM) digital isolation technology enables unprecedented integration by eliminating the traditional isolation barrier to create a Power System-on-a-Chip (Power SoC) solution. Each SoC replaces “bag of chips” designs with flexible and efficient platform solutions that shrink the design footprint and lower the bill-of-material costs—all while delivering enhanced end-to-end system capability.

Akros’ solutions are used in a wide-range of equipments that benefit from superior energy efficiency, intelligent power management, network-based energy management and diagnostics, high-voltage/ground loop isolation and EMC protection. These include direct-line or Ethernet-powered (PoE) appliances like VoIP phones, wireless LAN access points, WiMax CPEs, residential gateways, IP and analog surveillance cameras, thin client computers, industrial, automotive and medical equipment.

Akros is committed to advancing the state-of-the-art of digital power and energy management through the creative application of our novel IC architectures and software programmability—addressing our customers’ demand for simpler and cost-effective system designs and faster design cycles.

Competitive Advantages

  • Intelligent management of power subsystems through GreenEdge Isolation; bi-directional digital communication between the high-voltage/line power domain and safety-isolated local/remote software domains
  • System-on-a-Chip (SoC) integration of isolated power system for superior power system efficiency and design footprint reduction
  • Simplified implementation of upcoming green power initiatives and standards
  • Seamless implementation of network-based intelligent energy management policies
  • Smallest PoE footprint in the industry with unprecedented integration
  • Field-proven, high-voltage protection and EMI reduction technologies that enable immediate and cost-effective EMC compliance
  • Core technology addressing a wide range of application segments and power needs
Company Highlights
  • World's first Dual & Triple output Energy Management Unit, Energy$ense(TM)
  • World’s first Quad-output, Isolated Power SoC with integrated GreenEdge(TM) 2kV isolation
  • World’s first PoE Power System-on-a-Chip (SoC) with integrated GreenEdge(TM) 2kV isolation
  • World’s first IEEE 802.3at PoE Plus Powered Device (PD) controller
  • World’s first integrated active EMI and ESD suppressor


Proven Leadership

Akros Silicon’s strong leadership team has extensive experience in the building of high-growth semiconductor companies that deliver industry-leading IC solutions. See our management page for biographies.


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