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1602-app-diagram2The AS1602 is built around Akros' patented and proprietary Active EMC suppression technology to enable "Design for EMC" approach to system design right from the start. This product helps take the guess work out of EMC compliance challenges by providing consistent EMC performance and improvements utilizing silicon based technology as opposed to passive technologies.


The AS1602 is fully integrated and architected at a system
level to provide the following features:

  • Enables system designers to comply with:
    •  CISPR22 and FCC Part 15, Class B requirements for Radiated and Conducted Emissions.
    •  IEC 61000-4-3/6 requirements for Radiated and Conducted Immunity, Level 3 or higher.
    •  IEC 61000-4-2 ESD (Air Discharge) of ±25kV.
    •  IEC 61000-4-2 ESD (Contact Discharge) of ±12kV.
    •  Cable Discharge Event (CDE) of ±12kV.
  • Provides up to 10dB of additional common mode noise suppression over the frequency of 1MHz to 125MHz when used with Ethernet magnetics.
  • Robust built-in ESD suppressors protect the Ethernet Phy and improve system ESD performance.
  • JESD22-A114, ESD, HBM of ±8kV.
    Interfaces to standard Ethernet transformers and 10/100/
    1000 Ethernet PHYs.
  • Uses a single standard power rail (3.3V or 2.5V).
  • Open drain output stage that can be biased from 1.8V to 3.3V using transformer center-tap supply as needed based on choice of Ethernet Phy.
  • Flow-through routing for ease of board layout.
  • Typical power consumption of 90mW.
  • Low power mode available for tight power budgets.
  • Industrial temperature range (-40°C to 85°C).



  • Ethernet systems requiring additional CM suppression to meet EMC Class B emissions or higher EMI immunity requirements and ESD protection.
  • POE and Non-POE Ethernet systems
  • VoIP Phones, IP Cameras, WAPs, Routers, Switches
  • Set Top Boxes, Networked Printers and Appliances,
  • Desktop and Laptop Computers



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