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Akros Silicon is a fabless semiconductor company that uses precision analog and mixed-signal CMOS-based technologies to develop system-level solutions for Energy Management applications.

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Akros’ disruptive silicon technology makes it possible to integrate multiple ICs, high-voltage isolation and discrete components into a single device, thus enabling electronic OEMs to develop cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions.

Akros’ solutions are used in a wide-range of equipments that benefit from superior energy efficiency, intelligent power management, networked management and diagnostics, high-voltage and ground loop isolation and EMC protection. These include direct-line or Ethernet-powered (PoE) appliances like VoIP phones, wireless LAN access points, WiMax CPEs, residential gateways, IP and analog surveillance cameras, thin client computers, industrial, automotive and medical equipments.

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Among TopTen 2013

Akros TopTen PRAkros Silicon Named Among Ten "Power Electronics Companies to Watch in 2013". - says PowerPulse.Net.