GreenEdge™ 9-72VDC / 24VAC Dual-Output, 2kV-Isolated, Power SoC with  I2C management

The AS1422 is a Dual Output Digital Power SoC for 9.5-72VDC & 24VAC isolated power applications. It is built on Akros’ integrated GreenEdgeTM 2kV digital isolation technology creating a flexible power platform that eliminates all opto-couplers and minimizes component count and design footprint. 

Synchronous converters with digital loop and timing control are integrated with digital isolation as part of an advance power system architecture for high-efficiency and cost-effective designs. Selectable spread-spectrum clocking on both PWM reduces the power supply spectral noise for superior EMC performance. Bi-directional Isolated GPIO and isolated ADC enables measurement and management of the isolated Primary circuitry. A Watchdog timer is included to manage resets.



The AS1422 is geared towards use in lower cost, higher power sytems that will greatly benefit from the GreenEdge Technology performane, integration, and feature enablement including I2C advanced software programmability for power management and system diagnostics.

  • Surveillance Cameras, outdoor and PTZ
  • Access Control and Building Management Systems
  • Automotive Power and Infotainment Systems
  • Industrial Ethernet and Wireless Systems, RFID readers
  • Telecom and Datacom backplane, distributed power systems
  • Multi-rail Isolated Flyback and Forward Power Supplies



Digitally Isolated Programmable Power

   Primary-Side DC-DC Controller

  • High-efficiency DC-DC Controller with Digital Optimization
  • Integrated Primary-Secondary High-Voltage 2kV Digital Isolation
  • Programmable Primary Clock Frequency

  Secondary-Side Power Outputs

  • Output #1: Synchronous Controller with programmable power-FET timing for high efficiency at both light and full loads
  • Output #2: DC-DC Controller for Buck, Boost, or LED Driver 
  • Programmable PWM Frequency

Power Management

  • Hardware programmable start up power sequencing
  • Individual output Power-Good management
  • Output Voltage margining 
  • Primary GPIO controlled via Secondary I2C
  • Isolated ADC for primary-side sensor measurements
  • 5V µC-compatible with interrupt on alarm services
  • Programmable watchdog timer

EMC Compliance and Protection

  • Synchronous spread-spectrum clocking on all PWM's
  • Over-current, Under/Over-voltage and Short-circuit Protection
  • Meets UL60950 and UL1577 requirements for basic isolation to 2kVDC/1.5kVRMS



Block Diagram